Get the real picture on how you spend your money

By using your receipts to stay within your budget

How it works

Shop where you normally do

Take a picture, or forward your e-receipts

Get a complete overview of your expenses, and meaningful insights on how you spend

Go from this

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Receipts you toss out

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Complex, ugly spreadsheets

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Hang on, my phone's in here somewhere...

To this

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Snap a picture

Clean receipt android 03fd038fa5568d6665f490557bf6c14d737703a5c37c36fc682c370aee108780

Get clean receipts in plain english you can access from your device

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Amitee creates insights from your receipts so you can engage with brands you love

Why Amitee?

Because as a loyal customer you shouldn't have to pay the same price as everyone else

Amitee's mission is to optimize the way you buy things throughout various stages in life.

We believe that existing technologies like POS, mobile payments, digitization of receipts, budgeting solutions, and rewards programs should work synchronously on your mobile device (and not siloed like they do today).

Not only will this create the opportunity for you to better manage your personal finances, but it will also enable you to start keeping a historic log of your purchasing behaviors.

Amitee will use this anonymous log to create "purchasing power" for you to better engage with brands you love.

Mint only captures your top-level purchasing trends and doesn't use these trends to help you appeal to brands you're loyal to. So you know you spent $50 at Target, but don't know what items those $50 bought. That's the gap we're bridging.

Current technologies are structured to benefit merchants, and we want to create something that benefits you. Something with a more human focus.

Something friendly.

Meet the team

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David Trejo

tech advisor
makes tasty arepas
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Eric Flores

can clap with one hand
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David Grotting

marketing advisor
all about that beach life

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